Legal methods for image protection

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  • Hello,

    we are a company that is reseller of products on the internet, and we want to find an efective way to protect web content. The idea is:

    - Embedd the logo of our company into the photo of product.

    The product may be anything, and the logo will look as it was the part of the product, supose our company is named Adidas, and the photo we want to protect is a watch, so the resulting image with embedded logo will look lilike this:

    After looking at the photo the customer may think that Adidas manufactures this watch because of steel texture look, wich is false, we (in this example) did not manufacture this product, we only sell it. Would this method of inserting logo be legal? And if not, would a legend at the botom saying "Adidas inserted this logo for image protection reasons" be enough?
    In theory, as we took this photo with our own camera , we have the rights to use it and so apply any efects to a photo, so we could embed any logo of our property (in this example, it is the logo of Adidas wich belongs to us) there.

    Can someone comment about this?
  • I think I understand what you want to do now. You are trying to protect the pictures not the logo. You want to prevent me from selling the same product using your images.

    If what I just said is correct, I believe that what you want to do is legal. However, I have some suggestions:
    1. Embed a phrase such as "Available from [logo]".
    2. Start and end the phrase in front of your background. The middle of the phrase will overlap the product you are selling.
    3. Embed the phrase in the same place on every photo.

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